Publish the story of your loved one.

Would you like to have your loved one remembered.

To be able to tell their story.

The incredible memories, their wonderful(or not so wonderful) personality, your journey alongside them, their contributions to society and their achievements.

Not everybody is Bill Gates from Microsoft.

Many of us work hard and do our best, we may or may not be the life and soul of the party but we hold our family dear and we are fiercely loyal.

Read the biographies of the most successful and you will find story after story, anecdote after anecdote, many of which could be a part of a more ordinary life.

We would like to offer a place to celebrate your loved one's life, somewhere to publish your loved one's story.

How does this work?

The process is simple we ask you to write your obituary as a brief story of your loved one's life including imagery.

We even offer to build this for you via a telephone interview for a small fee, click here for more information

We also ask for your details so we can corroborate your connection and establish you as the author.

We take what you submit and publish it on the local publication. This is Free of charge, a service we are proud to provide.

There is an option to choose wider distribution and an option to have the page of the obituary customised in design, including more images.

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