We all know that we are blessed with a massive range of locally grown fruits and vegetables in Queensland, hence these are available in abundance during their season.

Fresh is best!

So, what’s in season over Spring? A variety of in-season fruits and vegetables deliver great value and quality, with excellent taste and storage life.

Anybody who has bought mangos and avocados whilst in season on the roadside or at a farmers market knows that the price and the storage life is considerably better than the supermarkets’ offer.

Do you love mushrooms? We do!

Did you know some mushrooms double in size every 24 hours? This month, we are featuring mushrooms and we’ve found an interesting local supplier.

Little Acre is an innovative Mushroom farmer run by Mickey Pascoe and Amy Christensen who combine a love of science and farming to offer a broad range of mushrooms wholesale, as well as a range of homegrown kits to enable people to grow their own

They offer a range of varieties including:

  • King Oysters
  • White Oysters
  • Shiitake
  • Chestnuts
  • Blue Oysters
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Pioppinos
  • Black Pearl Kings

Now, we all buy fruits and vegetables that go off way too quickly!

There’s a range of reasons for this but when a supplier gives you specific recommendations regarding keeping their product fresh you really should listen.

Little Acre says: “Storage life depends on species and how they are kept. Mushrooms are best stored in a ventilated container at 2°C. Pink and Gold Oysters have the shortest storage life of five to seven days whereas White and Blue Oysters will store for up to 10 days and King Browns can store for 14 days.

They added: “Our mushrooms are picked and packed the day before delivery so they are always super fresh! We’re located so close to Brisbane City they don’t spend much time in transit and as you’re buying direct from the farmer, there is minimal handling. These factors are crucial to producing premium quality gourmet mushrooms as by nature they are very delicate little things.”

Little Acre is Brisbane’s only inner-city mushroom farm. It has 100% Australian-grown mushrooms. If you’d like to try their mushrooms, you can find them at the Neighbourhood Farm Stall at 110 Cliveden Avenue in Corinda on Fridays, or frequent one of the restaurants they supply.

If you fancy a drive to a mushroom farm, Scenic Rim Mushrooms at Harrisville is a great option.

Open Saturdays for Farmgate Sales in the old Harrisville Bowls Club, Church Street Harrisville.

Here are 3 great dishes starring mushrooms

Mushrooms With Onions on Toast
The simplest vegetarian food to make in the kitchen.

Creamy Mushroom Pasta
A staple food. Quick, easy and delicious.

Golden Mushroom Frites Recipe
Bring out the delicious and nutty flavour of mushrooms, complemented with gold oyster