Accountants, Solicitors, Lawyers, Architects, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers

What % of your professional services clientele come from your geographic area?

Are you the dominant provider in your geographical area?
Shouldn’t convenience dictate that local residents are the lowest hanging fruit as your clientele?
If you feel you don’t get your share of local clients, why do you think that is?

Surely if local people knew what you know then convenience would dictate that they would do business with you instead of crossing the city or even travelling 10km on busy roads.

How can you raise your profile in your local area?

TV, The Courier Mail and Radio are all there for you, they congregate large numbers of eyeballs and ears everyday, they are world-class publishers, but is that what you need to communicate with your local prospect pool?

Digital Billboards have over the last few years offered real estate to get your message in front of people in their cars. The busiest traffic lights across Brisbane offer a decent captive audience and the billboard offers a blank canvas to communicate your message. Used well with thoughtful, clever, clear messaging this can have an impact, however whilst rotating 10-20 adverts your message needs to be incredibly sharp to penetrate those brief windows of opportunity.

Local physical publications appear across the city and provide a great way to reach geographically tailored audiences, as with all physical publishing including newspapers and local magazines they can offer you a fixed space for a price.

Now that's where we come in.

4 ideas to raise your profile and build local equity

1. Columnist
Listen to the Katrina Oner piece on 4BC here
Listen to Katrina Oner’s Court Conundrums on 4BC here 
See the Legal Keys Column on page 11 of the Local Bulletin here 
Discuss with us what your column on our publications may be

2. Advert
Showcasing your points of difference
and/or Making a special offer eg initial consultation to discuss………is Free

3. Sponsor a video series to be broadcast on our  facebook page
Local Sporting Team highlights video
Conversations with a local institution

4. Feature about your company focusing on

  • Interaction with the local community
  • A member of your team running a marathon/charity bikeride/other event
  • Sharing some key data
  • Stories including case studies that will educate the community and inform

With pricing from less than $3 per day, our publications really are a no-brainer.

So what’s stopping you from jumping on board today while it’s available?


Check out any of the publications below by clicking the logo.










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