Build A Relationship With Prospective Vendors BEFORE YOU MEET THEM

The New TV’s Hearts & Minds System is all about the simple concept of reciprocity.
Reciprocity is the ultimate tool for real estate agents because it enables you
to offer low cost gifts in return for high ker-ching commissions.

It’s about building a relationship with prospective vendors before you meet them.


Well the system includes multiple touchpoint opportunities, each structured within a range
that goes from non sell to soft sell to firm sell BUT NEVER HARD SELL.

Now this system does not apply to nor is needed by the folllowing:

An agent that is able ring up contacts on their database, get through, ask them directly if they want to sell their house through him/her
and generate 30-100 commissions per annum.

An agent that is so good that 30-100 listings come through the door every year with little effort

An agent that is keen to generate listings through offering the lowest commission eg fixed price or as low as 1%

So what are these multiple touchpoint opportunities:

1. A Local TV channel(this is the hub)
2. A promotional relationship with a publication being read by your prospective vendors
3. A set of strategies that allow you to tell prospective vendors about your listings and sales
4. Advice, hand-holding, steering…..Done for you
5. Exclusive ie only one agent per suburb can be on this system

It’s the system that only knows how to win.

Express Interest in The Hearts & Minds System for your area.

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